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Who Are These People Is This Person?

I took these photographs in 1970, . . . at least I think so!

Portable on Shotover, circa 1970. Portable on Shotover, circa 1970.

I know exactly where they were taken. On Shotover Hill, not 200 yards from Forest Farmhouse, where I am typing this! Not that I had any thoughts then that I would one day live here, though I do remember seeing the house and coveting it!

I also recognise the equipment. It is my home-brew receiver complete with 2m converter and 1W Tx and the aerial is supported on the G3OUR banana pole.

I think in all probabilty they would been taken on 5th July 1970. Certainly I have some /P entries from Shotover in my log for that date and some of the writing is not mine. So I think it must have been that expedition.

The big snag is that I cannot remember who the two people were. I presume they owned the cars, as I certainly didn't. When I first came across the photo, I assumed they were Peter G8DND and Jim G8DNE. Unfortunately Peter does not recognise them and he should know! So I am left totally baffled.

If anyone recognises a younger version of himself, do please let me know!

Update of 26th November 2003
By the wonders of the web, the problem has been partly solved. John G8CVS came across this page and recognised himself (in the blue shirt) and the blue Ford Anglia. Moreover his log includes entries /P from Shotover that day. John was not a member of OURS but lived locally and we had had a number of QSO's starting in May 1970, when I built the 2m Tx. Many thanks for this feedback John.

This still leaves a question mark over the chap in the white shirt who presumably owned the white car. John thinks it may be Mike G8DHH, another local amateur, but this call sign does not ring any bells with me. Any thoughts anyone?


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