OURS Members - Where Are They Now?

This page exists to provide contact details for former members of the Oxford University Radio Society, or anyone else who has an interest in the society. I have also included anyone whose name and or callsign I can remember but who I have not been able to contact. If you want to add your name to the list or amend your details, or if you know an address for anyone whose contact address is blank, or know the whereabouts of any other former members, then please send an email to Alan Simpson, G3UMF

Callsign Name At OURS Contact address Present Location, interests, etc.
G0REL Richard Gaskell   G0REL@care4free.net Currently operates regular Youlbury Scout & Guide Amateur Radio Station for JOTA etc.
G3CWI Richard Newstead Guest operator g3cwi@qsl.net Operated G3OUR in ARRL contests, in late 70's with James G4EZN.
G3RKH John Marshall 1961-1965 cyprianus@btinternet.com Gloucester, England. Retired Anglican Clergyman
See: http://www.qrz.com/db/g3rkh
G3RKK Alan Shepherd 1964 +/- a.shepherd@ntlworld.com Director of Innovation and Integration with Royal Mail
GM3SEK Ian White 1963-1967 g3sek@ifwtech.co.uk Whithorn, Newton Stewart, Scotland
Technical Author, IFWtech.
Editor, 'The VHF/UHF DX Book', sadly no longer in print. (Some updates and corrections are available on Ian's web site.)
'In Practice' columnist for RadCom (RSGB)
G3SYS, AA7FV Darrel Emerson 1965 +/- aa7fv@amsat.org Tucson, Arizona
G3UHD Andrew Palfreyman 1965 +/- andrewppp@att.net San Jose, California
G3UMF Alan Simpson 1963-1970 alan@shotover.org.uk Shotover, near Oxford.
G3VBZ, KE1HL Tony Garratt-Reed 1965 +/- tonygr@mit.edu M.I.T. Cambridge, MA USA
G3VLJ Tony Hansen 1969-1972 TonyHansen@MageeSci.com Magee Scientific, Berkeley, California.
Technical work in Antarctica. (This is a must-view web site!)
G3WDG Charles Suckling 1978 +/-    
G3XSC Keith Southgate Guest operator    
G3XWH Richard Horton 1971- Richard@G3XWH.com Retired teacher, formerly director of physics / IT systems at Harrogate Ladies College
G3XXH Simon Watts 1968-1971 simonliz@saqnet.co.uk Chief Scientist at Thales Airborne Systems and a visiting professor at University College, London.
G3YGF Julian Gannaway 1978 +/- julian.gannaway@roke.co.uk Works for Plessey, now part of the Siemens group.
RSGB President in 1989.
G3ZFR Roger Harris 1967-1970 g3zfr@yahoo.co.uk Based in Coventry, working in data network design and integration
G4AMJ, N7DR Doc Evans 1974-1977 N7DR@arrl.net Now living in Boulder, Colorado.
(ex G8ELI)
Richard Russell 1971-1973 richard@rtrussell.co.uk Downham Market, Norfolk.
Retired from BBC Research & Development.
G4BIX Dave Price 1974 +/-    
G4BKI Paul Evans Guest operator support@hintlink.com Younger brother of G4AMJ
G4BUO Dave Lawley 1975-1979 dave@g4buo.com Penshurst, Kent.   Independent IT consultant.
G4BWH Gordon Sinclair 1974-1977   Now living in California.
G4BYB Richard Penman 1974-1977    
G4CNV Hugh Griffiths 1975-1978   Professor at University College London.
G4DGU Chris Bartram   chris@chris-bartram.co.uk Founder of muTek. Now an RF consultant living in Wales.
G4DRT Dave Rhind-Tutt 1975-1978    
G4DXQ Harvey Burd 1975-1978    
G4EHL Tony Short 1975-1978    
G4EWJ Brian Jordan 1976 +/-    
G4EZN James Keeler 1977 +/-    
G4FPZ Mike Lisle     St. Andrews, Fife.
(ex G8JUD)
Steve Bevan 1976-1979 Steve.Bevanfamily@btinternet.com  
(ex G8RHI)
Steve Davies 1977-1980 steve.davies@nokia.com Bracknell, Berks. Working with mobile phones for Nokia.
G8AQB Mike Ballance   mike@G8AQB.uk Living in Milton Keynes and running Tabor Audio Ltd,
a pro audio company.   www.tabor-audio.uk
G8DBK Paul Barker 1965 +/-    
formerly KK7WM
Pete Blakey 1969-1972 AI5BD@arrl.net Texas, USA. Retired - Emeritus professor of electrical engineering.
G8DNE Jim Day 1969-1972    
G8DWH Chris Challoner 1968 +/-    
G8HDR Chris Lancaster 1974-1977    
G8ICZ John Marshall 1974-1977    
G8LYB Stephen Tompsett 1979 +/-    
G8RPV Simon Rowlett 1977-1980   Guildford
(none) Mike Beach 1964 +/-    
(none) Mike Fischer 1965 +/-    
(none) Robin McDermott 1964 +/-    
(none) R. G. Hamish Robertson 1962-65 rghr@u.washington.edu Department of Physics, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

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