A Dynamic Family Tree of the Simpson Family

Whilst you are reading this the Dynamic Family Tree Java Applet is being downloaded. This will probably take around half a minute. There should be a small square button on your screen, immediately below this line.

If no button is visible, see below.

When the download is complete a small tree will appear on the button above. Click on this to view the tree. The family tree data will then download in compressed form, taking about another half minute and the tree will then appear in a separate window. Click on the Question Mark button in this window if you need help. When you have finished viewing the tree, close its window to return to this page.

This dynamic family tree has been made possible by Michael Horey's excellent Dynamic Family Tree Compiler 'DftCom2'. Further details and downloads of 'DftCom2' are available from:


If no button is visible on this page or no tree appears, you may not have Java correctly set up on your browser. Internet Explorer users may find this page on the same web site helpful:


Alternatively you may not have the Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer in which case you may obtain a (free) copy by clicking this link to the Sun Java web site.

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Both 'DftCom2' and the Java Applet producing this web page are the copyright (C)1999-2003 of Michael Horey.

Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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