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Personal Details
Born: xxxxxxxxxx
Birth Place: Liverpool
Nationality: British
Status: Married
Family: Wife - Helen
Daughter - Judith
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Education and Employment
Knowledge & Skills
Relaxation Interests


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Key Periods Education / Employment
1950 - 1954 St.Georges Road Primary School, Wallasey
1954 - 1956 The Combermere School, West Kirby.
1956 - 1963 Calday Grange Grammar School, West Kirby.
1963 - 1967 St. Peter's College Oxford (BA Hons, Chemistry)
1967 - 1971 St. Peter's College Oxford (DPhil. Physical Chemistry)
1971 - 1972 Junior Electronic Engineer, Kent Instruments, Luton.
1972 - 1976 Electronics Engineer, Oxford Instruments
1976 - 1980 Development Manager, Oxford Electronic Instruments
(Later renamed to Oxford Medical Systems)
1980 - 1982 Joint Manager, EEG Group, Oxford Medical Systems
1982 - 1984 Development Manager, Oxford Medical Systems
1984 - 1999 Electronics Manager, Oxford Instruments
(Later renamed Oxford Instruments, Research Instruments

Dates Publications
1968 P.W.Atkins, K.A.McLauchlan and A.F.Simpson, Chem. Comm. 1968, 179
1968 P.W.Atkins, K.A.McLauchlan and A.F.Simpson, Proc. Inst. Petrol. Mol. Spectry. 1968, 177
1968 P.W.Atkins, K.A.McLauchlan and A.F.Simpson, Nature 219, 927
1970 P.W.Atkins, K.A.McLauchlan and A.F.Simpson, J.Phys (E) 3,547
1970 P.W.Atkins, K.A.McLauchlan R.C.Gurd, I.C.Buchanan and A.F.Simpson, Chem. Comm. 1970, 513
1970 The Study of Short Lived Species by Electron Spin Resonance (D.Phil Thesis)
1980 Chapter 1 of Clinical Ambulatory Monitoring, Edited Littler Chapman & Hall
(Jointly with Julian Morris)
1983 A Device for Ambulatory Skin Conductance Monitoring
Alan Simpson and Graham Turpin, Psychophysiology 20, 2

Knowledge & Skills
Problem Solving
Management of Technical Personnel
Design of Analogue & Digital Circuits
Design of Embedded Firmware
Design of Applications Software
Design of Analogue & Digital Circuits
Creation of Technical Documentation (Paper & www)

Relaxation and Interests
Computer ProgrammingYou can find some examples to download on my main web site
Web Site CreationYou are looking at one now! See also my main web site
Musical InterestsWide ranging, from Handel to The Hoax. I play the piano (badly!) and act as a volunteer Steward for Music at Oxford's concerts in the Sheldonian Theatre, and elsewhere
Amateur Radio & TelevsionI am a licensed radio amateur, with the callsign G3UMF and have built equipment to transmit and receive speech, data and television pictures.
Photograpy & VideoYou will find examples of this on various pages of my main web site
GenealogyA sure sign of advancing years according to my late uncle. For example ...
WalkingWith a dog, and Shotover Hill all around, how could one not enjoy walking?

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